About Us


For that special car “nut”

Is taking care of your car really that selfish? You take care of your loved ones… You keep them safe from public risks — with your own private transportation. You worked really hard to buy your car… Why should you stress about maintenance and repairs? Should you regret taking care of something which makes your life easier? With the right parts and systems in place, your car can serve you for decades.

Waiting too long to fix a car problem can put you (or someone else) in serious danger. It can cause terrible monetary heart aches if the problem isn’t extinguished immediately.


A little History

The Autopedic Body Center was founded in 1982. The business was originally located in Norwalk, but switched over to a larger location in La Habra, California.

Autopedic Body Center collision repair techniques make it difficult for anyone (except maybe the original manufacturer and ourselves) to tell the difference between the original and the repair.

We stand by our mission to be the most superior luxury autobody center in California.

We are obsessed with caring for luxury cars and automotive surgery.
A surge of new clients from your direct repair program, would not affect our ability to cater to every client’s need and desires.

With our experience we never become overwhelmed and cut corners to finish a project. We know it would be a life threatening mistake. We know how to overcome challenges thrown our way.

We’d love to meet you in person and become a partner for your program. Give us a call at +1 562-691-8727 so we can set a date. Or email us at abdon@autopedicbodycenter.com
For more information you can email us at info@autopedic.us/


A Message from the Head Doctor

Protect your car. Protect your family. Protect your life.
That’s exactly what you can do with Autopedic …

abdonI’m Abdon, Founder of the Autopedic Body Center here in La Habra California. For the last three decades my team and I have turned our obsession for exotic cars into the insanely beautiful refurbishing skills. We’ve transformed thousands of demolished classic and luxury vehicles into their secure pre-accident conditions.

The team has repaired Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bentley, Maserati and other high level models that require specialized car and original material to protect successful people like yourself.

We’ve even tackled our share of heavy duty trucks, jeeps and classical cars.

Everyday I see drivers either slightly pissed or furious because someone or something messed up their ride. But you don’t have to worry. Your nightmare is temporary.

When it was just me, I’d put on my lap coat and turn nightmare contraptions into the car my clients loved again.  

And today, you have a entire team of Certified “Autopedic” Surgeons at your beck and call.