When it’s Survival of the Fittest …

You should be driving the strongest and best looking vehicle on the road. You might be a safe driver, but what about other careless people on the road? Car accidents and collisions are unpredictable circumstances. So when they happen, the only way to recover is time travel.


Here’s how Autopedic can turn back the hands of time:



Design your dream car with our computerized color prediction software. Never feel embarrassed at any special event again.

  • Computerized color mixing technology. Explore your car in your favorite colors and styles before we start working. Never have a mismatched paint patch or an ugly color you don’t want.
  • Specialized paint environmentally friendly spraying rooms and techniques to prevent weather elements from lowering the vibrant and long lasting color of your car.
  • Full exterior buffing and polishing. For undetectable color matches, smooth patch jobs and longer lasting shine.

Give your classic car a new look again.

Advanced Frame & Unibody Repair to remove all major and minor dents and scratches

Using the most powerful tools available on the market today, Autopedic provides:

  • Complete reconstruction of vehicle Frames and Unibody
  • Paintless dent repair for minor dents. This specialized method uses tools to suction the dent from metal without damaging your paint.


Engine and Part Replacement

Although we are not technically a mechanic shop, we do replacements when your engine, your axle or other mechanical parts need major repair from your collision.  First, we will present you your options after we assess the damage. Then, we will seek your approval before we start the job to make sure there are no expense surprises.

We understand that this may be a traumatic experience so we do our best to simplify this painful process for you.



Insurance Claim Management

Use this effortless system to automatically file and process your claim. We handle the claims and supplement process with your insurance agent simplify the process and explanations … all you need to do is say yes.  

We’ll provide you with a detailed plan specific to your vehicle. We’ll also:

  • Keep you up to dated and in full control of our actions.
  • Help you understand and process insurance claim deductibles
  • Revise and analyze your auto insurance policy
  • Focus on the fun side of auto repair. (Driving and impressing others with fresh looking ride!)


Valet & Tow Truck Service

If you’re within a reasonable distance from our “hospital” and you’re too busy to drive — we can arrange for a pickup service. Just call the shop at (562) 691-8727 and discuss your transportation problem.



Competitive rates for exotic and classic automotive repairs. You’ll never feel ripped off because of incorrect pricing.

  • When you build a relationship based on honesty and fair pricing, people like you more. Which is why our clients stay for decades. No one likes to be scammed or to be taken advantaged.
  • We use computerized estimation software to provide comparative analysis of all repair centers across the United States. It calculates the rates for original manufacturer parts and supplies so you’ll get accurate and fair estimates minor and major repairs.