Why Autopedic?


Why is the Autopedic Body Center for you?

Because you are busy. Ambitious people have no time to waste on repeat low quality repairs.

Because a banged up, scratched and faded car shouldn’t embarrass you during important events.

Because successful people should look the part. A perfect car displays professionalism, power and strength. People know this person is unstoppable.

My teammates come to you and make the entire tune up or repair process effortless. You literally spend a few minutes and everything can be taken care of.

So drive without worry.
Find out what’s wrong with your car.
See how good we are.


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Still want to see more of our Autopedic Surgeon history?

I’ll keep this short and simple, with these 4 facts.

  1. I love restoring cars but I hate the automotive repair industry. I think it’s gross. Thousands of unsuspecting car owners are scammed every year because they are kept in the dark about the true value of repair. I prefer the more transparent and honest approach – to have happy clients who spread the new of my epic team across the state.
  2. In 2000 the Autopedic family moved from Norwalk to La Habra. We went LARGE on everything. Bigger Location. Faster and More Powerful Equipment. Fancier painting techniques. Better price, supplier and repair estimation software. The whole works!
  3. Give and you shall receive. I came here with the clothes on my back. If it wasn’t for the kind hearted people who gave me a leg up – I would never have made it this far. So I give back to my community through Chamber of Commerce to execute some projects and events that will restore my community and help those in need.
  4. I LOVE MY JOB! I’m literally obsessed. Nothing leaves this Body Center without rigorous testing and my “Platinum” approval. I want you to drive at your best, all the time!